CSI: Insect

Last October one late and warm evening I heard the unmistakable sound of a buzzing insect inside my living room.  My cat was on high alert as well.  I got up from the computer and flipped on some lights to see who this uninvited guest was.  It was rather large and disgusting.  My first impulse was to attempt to usher this rude visitor out the front door.  It was apparently intent on staying so a new course of action was needed.  I then flew into a murderous rage and after several frustrating failures I was eventually successful at homicide.  At this point most people I suppose would clean up the mess, shudder and go on about their business.  I however immediately reached for my camera and attached the macro lens to get a closeup view of my victim.  Upon closer inspection this creature is simultaneously disgusting and beautiful:


2 thoughts on “CSI: Insect

  1. The bane of my existence…
    It’s even better when they emit their metallic cilantro stink at you…
    I know far too much about these Japanese tree bugs. 😦

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